b. 1986, HK.



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Standard Chartered Bank
HITE Jinro (FiLite, Stout)
Korea Otsuka Pharmaceuticals (UL.OS)
Dunlop Korea (SRIXON, Cleveland)
Novartis (Theraflu, Otrivin, etc..)
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UHZU. Justin Choi aka UHZU is an SR Art Director from Korea who currently works at TBWA \ KOREA.
He is interested in changing people's attitudes and actions through intelligent, thought provoking ideas. This goes well beyond just making cool designs for their own sake.
He loves new and challenging experiences, and he runs an advertising model, essay writer of the independent publication 'donotjustskip' and 'Plinklab.com' These publications conduct meetings and interviews with a variety of people. UHZU also engages in meaningful public campaigns with his acquaintances from time to time.
Nowadays, he relishes the idea of experiencing different people, different cultures, and different ideas, and would love to live like an eternal traveller throughout his life.

UHZU는 현재 TBWA\KOREA에서 Sr Art Director로 일하고 있다.
단순히 멋진 디자인을 넘어 사람의 생각과 행동까지 바꾸는 일에 관심이 많아 첫번째 직업으로 광고인을 택했고, 늘 새로운 경험하길 좋아해서 광고모델, 독립출판물 ‘donotjustskip’의 에세이 작가 그리고 다양한 사람들을 만나 interview하는 Plinklab.com을 운영 중이며 때때로 지인들과 의미있는 공익캠페인도 진행한다.
요즘은 '매일을 여행하듯 살 수 없을까' 에 대한 답을 찾는 중이다.